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I am an artist of the workroom, not of open spaces. My perspective is inward. Painting for me is a need, a drive, not entirely clear to me, to express my inner world, which moves between the happy, contented parts to the turbulent, painful parts. An expression of  maturing and changing processes which move in circles of light and shadow. 

The urge to create art transforms the mundane into the interesting, intriguing, challenging.

I paint in oils. This helps me express reality as perceived through my eyes at different times and periods.

The subjects, play of colors, and unique hues are my medium to express the diverse, changing hues of existence.

Brush and paint merge to create a kind of magic which at times flows of itself and at times gets stuck, and I feel frustration and disappointment.

My subjects change from one period to the next, each reflected in a series of works expressing the world of content that engages me at any given time.   

Each series evolves from a place of observing and wondering to translating ideas into the language of art, not always to my total satisfaction.

The constant challenge  accompanying my art is what drives me anew, again and again.  

I obtained a Bachelor degree in Art from Hamidrasha, Beit -Berl.

Phon/ +972 54 622 7820

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